Tuesday Rehearsal, show, updates

First off, I am sad that I will be missing The Union on Friday night...I have to work. However, I know that Corey and Monique are super talented and that I will be able to see them again in Chicago someday. They already have a run at The Annoyance, so you know that they will be performing in Chicago for awhile.

Ryan has to leave IA because his plate is too full at the moment, he will be missed, he brought a great twist to our rehearsals, and he is a very funny man. I hope we will be playing with him again soon.

Rehearsal was great, we have a show this Saturday, and Caroline and I will be co-hosting the show together. I think that this will be very fun, we don't have to be in any of the games unless it needs it, so we can just focus on hosting and the longform at the end. I can't wait.

John and I are planning on watching a video of our 2 man show and chatting about what we can do differently. We have plenty of time till our next show in December.

Tommy and I have hooked up with Jerry Rapp. This man has much more video/directing/editing experience than we do...like he won several independent film awards with Mojave Phone Booth experience. He will be helping us record a few new videos over the holidays...so I promise, there will be more soon.


IA Rehearsal

We are still getting comfortable with our organic long form. It is hard to rehearse every week when one or two or more of your group is missing. How can we get that group mind? I am not mad that people can't show up sometimes, trust me, I understand that life gets in the way of improv. I just know that it is necessary to rehearse consistently if you really do want to get better as a group, and I am pretty sure that is one of IA's goals.

It still went well, we have auditions coming up next Saturday with a workshop happening this Saturday. For all the info go to kcimprov.com or find us on facebook.

Tommy might be moving, so who knows what is going to happen with the videos that we have done, and want to do in the future. We'll just wait and see what happens with that.

Also, I have joined a new/old venture with Jared Brustad and Ed Doris called Bare TV. When I know everything about it, I will post it here. I am very excited to be doing this show starting in 2009 though.


Dear Grandpa Jack, I told you it wasn't me who ate your last egg salad sandwich. Jerk


Saturday Show

John and I had another Dictionary Soup show. I have to say that 2 person improv is some of the most fun improv I have ever done, but also the hardest. We also had the show recorded so that we can go back and see what worked and what didn't.

I can already tell what worked for the audience, quick edits, callbacks that happen 15 minutes later than expected, and anything John does.

What doesn't work is standing and talking in a scene. Especially if the talking isn't even moving the scene forward. I bet John and I will have a greater understanding of this after we watch the video.

On top of that, I heard that Tantrum is having great shows, Loaded Dice had a good show, CCC had a good show, and Makeshift Militia had a great show this weekend. I am just proud that there were more than one or two groups performing this weekend. Hope that continues to catch on.



I just don't have a lot of time to post like I used to.

It sucks, because I need to talk about improv...you know what I'm talking about. You just have to vent about things sometimes, especially when you are passionate about it. And that's what this blog is all about. Me talking about improv in my life. I have got to get back into this soon...for my own sake.

Anyway, Rehearsal Tuesday was distracting because there was some election going on or something. We ended up stopping early and some of us went to McCoy's to join a watch party.

The watch party was a lot of fun to be a part of. It was just such a historic night for America. Enough said.

This Saturday John and I will be doing our 2 man show "Dictionary Soup" without any rehearsal at all...we'll see how that goes...we are both still very positive about it because I trust him completely to play and have fun.

Other than that, holidays, school, and work are starting to take over all of the free time I had to give to improv...everything will smooth out soon.