Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, whoooo-hoooo

Finally...tonight is the night I get to do improv. It has been a little over a month since my last performance...maybe even 2 months. Needless to say, it has been too long.

Dictionary Soup tonight, Babelfish, and Thunderdome in the next couple of weeks as well. I will definitely get my fix with all of these shows. Feel free to come out to one if you can. They are always a blast.

Oh yah, I need to give myself a challenge while doing these shows: Patience, especially in longform. I want to do more patient scenes. Not so much go for the laugh, but develop the character, the relationship and find the funny within those. Good luck me.


Christine, LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!! What do you mean how do you look? You look fine, but will you listen to me.... No, the black one is better. Ah crap, your mirror demon sliced your neck. Now we're gonna be late.


Dying to perform

Seriously, I haven't done an improv show all month...what the hell is going on?

Oh wait...there is a plethora of shows coming up in the next few weeks:

Dictionary Soup
Thunderdome with Babelfish

Thank God, I almost forgot what a stage looked like.


After this picture, my cousin Dan threw this cake at his mom and screamed, "I hate you, I wanted a real laptop you idiot!"


My how a week will change your attitude

So...excitement...it's back.

Improv had some great articles last week and I believe every improv show had a great audience last weekend. Each time I read an article or heard about a sold out show, it just made me want to get back into rehearsal and shows.

I had Babelfish rehearsal Monday and IA rehearsal Tuesday. I definitely played at a higher level, because I was amped up for each rehearsal. It doesn't all change in one week, but I am definitely noticing a change in my play. It helps when the community around you is also getting excited again. It will be interesting to see how the next few months unfold.


IA Rehearsal

Last night was a very good rehearsal. We each talked about what we wanted to focus on and what we wanted to get better at, as individuals, within the group.

Nathan brought up a great point to me. He said that when he first started with IA, that I was the guy he wanted to be like. Not for being good at improv, but because I was a leader in the aspect of excitement about improv, and the overall group in general.

I have definitely lost some of that excitement. Some of it comes from spreading myself out there between many other groups, but most of it comes from my own selfishness.

No matter what the excuse, that translates onto the stage. I need to get back to that place again. I want to be an addicted improviser again. I want to be as excited as I once was. I definitely want to be looked up to as a role model for those coming into the scene.

Otherwise...how will we get others excited about it?


I did an experiment with the government. They attached a camera to my eyes to record everything I could see, filled me up with LSD and other mind altering drugs, and sent me out onto the streets. My camera eye snapped a bunch of photos. I don't remember much of this, but I sure like the picture.



The holiday break was good to get away from improv for awhile, but now I am definitely ready to get back to rehearsal, shows, and more rehearsal and shows.

Coming up this month is IA rehearsal, Babelfish rehearsal for Thunderdome, and John and I are going to rehearse the newish format of Dictionary Soup and of course the first meeting for Bare TV.

I am bursting with fruit flavor!


When my nephew goes to his first High School Dance. I am going to show this picture to his date, to make sure that they don't go anywhere near first base.