This is why we shouldn't mess with the Chinese.


You should have seen my amazement when I shot this cardboard beast. The animals blood was red packing peanuts.


Improv Topic for July

I will answer them all in question form:

What is the importance of improv attire?

What is the importance of your comfort on stage when performing?

Should troupes care about what other improvisers think of them?

Who are you to critique anyone? Don't we all have butt holes?

Is there such a thing about being too nice? Too blunt?

Doesn't it take two to communicate between director and performer?

How important is your opening/show/house music?

What is more important, the show, or the music?

At what point does "profit" come into the improv equation?

Who is making a "significant" profit doing improv in Kansas City?

What is the best amount of time between shows?

What is best for you?


What a fantastic weekend

I had a great weekend participating in and watching the improv I was able to be a part of this weekend. Between the Fringe Fest, Roving Imp, Burnin Sternums rehearsal, and Thunderdome, you would think that I would be burnt out or need a break from Improv. But, I will be honest, I would like to do that every weekend if I could. It was fun hanging out with everyone after shows and chatting. Here's to another few weeks before the Festival gives me my fix again. Oh yah, and thank God for a very understanding wife.


I always knew those Trolls hated Barbie


I have always been a very good painter, so I thought I would paint a self portrait based on the picture above. What I painted is below. What do you think?

Tuesday rehearsal

Lots of energy on Tuesday night as we practiced for the Fringe Fest this weekend. We are going to be showing off our new found tricks from Chicago to the rest of the KC improv community. I am very excited for all of the improv that is involved in the Fringe Fest this year. Hopefully that helps our audience. From what I hear about the opening night last night, there were 23 people in attendance. That is a great draw for a Wednesday night.


Lincoln Fake Wedding

I came into the event with very low expectations. They were exceeded and then some. It took awhile for the audience to really get into the ceremony, but once we asked if anyone had any objections, 5 out of 36 people objected, and they even stood up to give a little speech why. The event took off from there and it was great from then on. Most everyone had on a name tag that stated how they were related to the wedding party, so small talk was a lot of fun with the party. I videotaped the whole thing and will be editing it over the next few weeks. The funniest moment for me was when the Micheal Jackson impersonator came in and danced with the bride. (Magie) However, looking back through the video, I noticed that he sat down next to a lady and a little boy, all of the sudden, someone swoops in and grabs the boy saying "Not today Micheal." Hilarious.


IA heading to Lincoln

Tomorrow, IA is heading to Lincoln, NE to put on a fake wedding. We are getting paid handsomely. We have been planning this thing for quite some time and it is sure to be a blast. We get to stay in character all night, which is something I have always wanted to challenge myself to do. I will definitely let you all know how it goes.


Javier and Natalie. I have thought about it for quite some time. I don't want to have a 3some with you. Javier, your chest hair is a turn off. Natalie, I am pretty sure you used to be a man.


Why I love and hate Kansas.


20 years later

Same car...same field...same D-Bag


Saturday's IA Show

We had a party of 20 ladies enjoying a bachelorette party. Then we had another 20 audience members behind them, trying to hear and enjoy the show. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great show, but we did have some trouble keeping the drunk ladies quiet. In fact, they gave most of the suggestions, and did a lot of chatting in between games. I had a blast with the cast of IA though. We all enjoyed a drink or 10 after the show, and we all couldn't stop talking about how no one person held the spotlight tonight. It really was a team effort. We each got great laughs all night. Fantastic team improv in my mind.

The first half went pretty long, so we only had 20 minutes for the second half. Instead of doing our normal longform, we decided to just take a suggestion and play. We let the transitions become the next scene and it went really well. In fact, Magie noticed that the first two scenes were quiet, so then she came out yelling in the next scene. It made me very proud of her. That is some great improv focus right there.


Scottish bar stool


Comedy City Last Night

It was Comedy City's first show at the new venue. (The Westport Flea Market) I will go ahead and get all of the negative stuff out of the way.

-Parking was tough
-The theater was not clearly labeled or advertised from the street
-From what I overheard, there has been little to no advertising for the new place, or that Comedy City even moved for that matter.
When and if it sells out, there are seats on the side of the stage, so it makes for bad sight lines.

But you know what, that's it. Everything else was great. Luckily, I was on a team with Nick Rigoli, so we had a blast. The place was packed because it was a private bought out show. But, they have no reservations tonight because of the lack of advertising...ugh. The stage is okay, the lights are great, the sound booth is great. I really have no complaints at all about the venue overall. It has potential.

Let's face it, I am doing improv because I love to do it. When it isn't fun there anymore, I will leave, and I had fun last night.


Dear Gum Spit-Outers,

Stop spitting your gum out on the sidewalk. Wait...what? That wasn't gum? Awwwwe...poor baby bird.


Missing the cast

We were missing half of the IA cast last night which is never good for a group. Sure, we still had fun, and a solid rehearsal. But, you never want someone to miss out on what you are gaining. As a group, it is important for us to rehearse together to keep that group mind thing going. Luckily, most of us have played with each other for over a year now, but it is still tough to rehearse without everyone there. Everyone plays a huge role in our group, when one person is gone, they are truly missed. Hurry back soon guys!


Quit smoking

These kids died when they were 47 and 49 respectively. Do yourself a favor and quit smoking.

Weed is okay though.


Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time. (Childhood and Adulthood)

Look at that hair. Poor guy. I guess this is what we all have to look forward to. I have a picture from when I was 16, where my hair is covering my eyes. I guess that means that in 10 more years, my hairline will be closer to the back of my neck.


Dear Nadia,

I am sorry to say that we can't have sex anymore. I thought your epilepsy would make it kinkier, but it is not.


Tuesday Rehearsal

Tonight we found out that Caroline and Katie will be taking a break from IA for about a month. But then, from the shadows...Caroline came forth. She will be with us for a little while...then she will be taking a break. I understand completely why they need it. It has been a hectic summer already for IA what with Chicago and everything. Last winter I tried to be in 4 improv groups at the same time and about killed myself trying. Hope they come back soon though, funny women in improv are rare, and Katie and Caroline are huge assets to our team.

Speaking of busy, I am still with IA, but I am also still doing 1-2 Comedy City shows a month...which is very easy to manage. I am also with a Thunderdome team, but we don't start rehearsing for awhile. John Robison and I are going to try our 2 man longform piece again starting in late July or early August. I would love to be able to do that show once a month as well, so that I can keep flexing my longform brain. He feels the same way, so time will tell what happens with that. I will definitely keep you all posted.