Comedy City

That is the front entrance of Comedy City in Kansas City, MO. I had shows here on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Each show had small audiences, but they were all still fun. Even though there are multiple things to complain about here at Comedy City, (mostly by those that have been there for a very long time, or the alumni) I am having a blast. On Friday night, there was supposed to be an improv jam...but only 3 people showed up. Those 3 people happened to be fellow Improv-Abilities players. I wanted to give them a big thanks for coming out even though nothing happened. Joe, thank you for saving my cup from being whisked away by the vicious winds.
Nathan and Magie, thank you for coming out and showing me how to dance in a raving club.

Tommy, thanks for not taking a decent picture for me to make a caption for...jerk.

Now I have to go memorize my lines for CounterClockwiseComedy rehearsal tomorrow. Have a great Sunday, and go chiefs!

Saturday Night Live

Great first show of the season. I know I am getting old, but Kanye West was amazing tonight. What an entertainer. He even did a sketch poking fun at himself. Also, special attention needs to be made to Jason Sudeikis who hails from good old Overland Park, KS. He mentioned Shawnee Mission West, and Kansas all in the same sketch. Thanks for appreciating where you came from Jason. You just don't see that much anymore from the rich and famous. I will post about my own comedy-filled weekend later on. Thanks for your patience.


One Down...? to go

Well, I dropped out of Roving Imp for now so I have lightened my load a little at least. I don't want to say that I will never go back there, because I think John Robison has a great thing going there, and I want to be a part of it. However, like I said earlier, I am just swamped now, and it was the newest addition to my load, so it is the easiest to get out of. I hope it wasn't the wrong choice...ugh. Hopefully I will be able to join back up after the swarm of October shows that I have. Now I have to decide another group/project to drop so that I have more time to focus my efforts into things I feel are important. Any tips?


My Week

Here is a list of all improv related events that I have scheduled this week:

Monday: Rehearsal CounterClockwiseComedy 6pm-8pm, Fight Club 8pm-9pm
Tuesday: Rehearsal Improv-Abilities 7pm-10pm
Wednesday: City 3 Production Meeting 12:00pm-1:00pm, Rehearsal Roving Imp 7pm-9:30pm
Thursday: Comedy City Show 6:45pm-9:30pm
Friday: Comedy City Show 6:45pm-9:30pm
Saturday: Comedy City Show 4:15pm-9:30pm

Now I will try not to complain. I purposefully took on all of these groups/projects because I wanted to do as much improv as possible, and get better. However, I think there comes a time when you can look at your schedule and realize that you are spreading yourself to thin. Sadly, I am going to have to prioritize soon and drop something in order to put my focus into the groups where I feel I will continue to learn and have fun. Tough decisions ahead. Stay tuned!


That's me on the left. I live in Kansas City and I do a lot of different types of comedy. I started this blog so that I would stop bugging my wife talking about comedy all of the time. Now I can just vent to a computer...Yay!