I remodeled our living room while my wife was out of town last weekend. She did not like it.


Thunderdome Rehearsal

It is going to be a very good show. Each team put on a great performance and I had a blast playing freeze tag with people I don't normally improvise with. This is the final round and I can't wait for the fun that is going to come out of this show. Who cares about winning right? I mean, it would be great to win, but the point to me is to challenge yourself as an improviser, and play with people you normally don't play with. Come on out if you have the time.


Had a fun Saturday

The day started with Burnin Sternum's rehearsal. We must have all taken our vitamins that morning because we had some great sets. The focus was amazing, the listening was keen, and we all stuck to the funny well. Then came Roving Imp. I got there early to rehearse with John for a bit, but we mostly just talked improv for a good hour and a half. (which is a great way to rehearse sometimes, because you learn more about your partner that way.) The audience started pouring in about 6:30pm and they just kept coming in. About 30-40 people were there in total and in the Roving Imp, that feels like a huge audience. They were also energetic, so we fed off of their energy all night. John and I had a blast during our 2-man performance, and each set was fantastic. The night was great. It ended with a quick game of guitar hero, which is the perfect improv set dessert.


Roving Imp nerves

I get to rehearse with John tomorrow before our 2 man longform show on Saturday. I really am excited about it because it is such a challenge for 2 people to maintain a world of characters for 40-50 minutes. Luckily, John is an easy improviser to work with and I always find some way to have fun on stage. I wasn't nervous at all until John said that a reporter and a photographer from the Star would be there. I don't know why that makes me nervous, but it does. More so for John, because he is finally getting some well deserved attention, and I want to put on a great show at his theater to represent Roving Imp well. Send an improv prayer up to Del for us please.


So I bought this underwear online because I am trying to go green. You wear them one day and then you can eat them. Turns out, it is not as cool as it sounds. Maybe I should try them in the winter when I am not so sweaty.


upcoming events

I am getting very excited for the next few weekends.

On the 23rd John Robison and I are going to perform our 2-man improv show called Dictionary soup at the Roving Imp Theater. Both of us have gotten much better since the last time we have tried this. It is very fun performing with John, he is so attentive, and so playful. It will be fun for sure.

On the 30th Burnin Sternums performs at the Improv Thunderdome. This is always a blast, some people get caught up in the competition, but I just want to play with people I don't normally play with, and have fun. On top of that I hope the audience has fun too.

Then of course after that is the wonderful and exciting Kansas City Improv Festival. Number 8 for those who are counting. It will be stressful for some, but for me it will be an absolute blast. I can't wait to see the performers, and see how the community comes together to put on this wonderful festival. For a local improviser, this is what it is all about. Bringing back those who helped start everything and celebrating what we are still producing today.

It's fun to be an improviser in Kansas City right now.


I found water on Mars


Best First Date Ever!!


Tom Farnan is a good improv coach

He didn't hold back. That's why. After watching us do some two person scenes, he called each and every one of the IA people out. He challenged us to change our habits, kicked our ass, and then built us back up. It was a lot of fun to have an outside perspective tell you what your crutches in scenes are.

After that, he showed us how to do some typical short form games, and make them more fun to play.

Thanks Tom.



I have been busy...my computer is being weird...Sorry for the delay in posting.

Saturday morning Tommy and I got up and helped out with a campaign video. The script was well written so we didn't have to improvise to much. Tommy played a scary knife man, while I played a candidate walking door to door. Hilarity ensued. Once the video is posted I will share it here.

Tommy and I have not had a lot of time to work on videos this summer, but we are about to go at them pretty hard in the next few weeks. We both have some fun ideas and we are starting to get comfy with the process.

In improv related news Tom Farnan is going to be teaching IA how to start a scene faster to get to the meat of the scene faster. I can't wait.