Another Year Ending

2008 is gone...what a year. Looking back through my blog I know that I wanted to focus on one or two major improv projects. IA got to go to the Chicago Improv Festival and John and I have finally made room for a two man improv show, Dictionary Soup, once a month, at his theater...which is way to much fun to have on stage at any given time.

2009 is going to be even more fun. IA is still a priority, but I can now spread that between Dictionary Soup and a new project in Bare TV. I am very excited for this, because it is an improvised late night talk show...but, I get to write and improvise on the fly. It will be different, challenging, and above all, exciting...I really can't wait for this to start.

On top of that I will be involved in Improv Thunderdome 3 with the super-indie improv group Babelfish.

The Kansas City Improv Festival will be somewhere in 2009, which I am sure I will have a hand in the education side of again.

and...on top of all of that, I will definitely be joining the Improv Gym on occasion.

Kansas City Improv has never been more fun or collaborative than it is going to be in 2009, there are going to be some fun shows, and I can't wait to be a part of them.


Now what are the wife and I supposed to see on Christmas?



Been busy with holiday stuff. Sorry.

I haven't even had time to miss improv which is really saying something. I did miss out on a couple of shows last weekend with IA, but I will make up for it very soon with a very hectic schedule picking up next year.

Tonight IA has rehearsal with no show coming up for awhile. It will be nice to rehearse with our new addition Jonathan without any worries about a show or formats or anything. With one rehearsal under his belt, I can tell that he is a perfect fit for IA. Besides, he is a Cubs fan, how can he do anything wrong?


IA Rehearsal

Scott subbed in and took over rehearsal for the last hour. It was refreshing to go back to some improv tools that we haven't worked with in awhile. Scott really worked us hard and helped me personally get back to remembering that improv is about having fun and being in the moment. It is also about reacting and following the funny. Of course, it isn't hard to do that when your entire cast is focused on the same thing. Seems like I have typed this in the past...wish I could somehow make this a muscle memory in my brain whenever I play.

It seems that every year I hit a wall where I feel stagnant, but then rehearsals like this really help me remember why this art form is to much fun to ever quit.


Weekend Recap

Got to see Corey and Mo after their show. Didn't get to see the show, but they have a run at Annoyance, and I don't think it will be the last run by any means. So, with fingers crossed, here's to hoping I can catch it. I heard great things.

Saturday saw an IA show at Lucky's. I have to get some things off of my chest.

We haven't had a good crowd at Lucky's in quite a long while. I don't know why. I for one still invite everyone out but our marketing and that location just don't mix anymore. We had 15 people there give or take a few...but what really bugs me the most is that location.

We are playing on a tile floor, so we are not completely free to improvise,the noise from upstairs is sometimes overpowering, especially for those seated in the back, and there has always been a foul odor, but last night it unleashed its fury on us all.

Halfway through our longform the stench hit the stage...it was hard to focus. I for one really don't want to play there any more. There, I said it...now it's out.

Oh, and just for clarification, the smell is...to say it nicely...like swimming in a septic tank that has been filled with 1000 year old poo...

Westport Coffeehouse and Roving Imp are becoming great venues the more and more I play there...I think all improv groups should band together and take advantage of the great spaces that they provide. Besides...they both smell great, and they have beautiful stages where you can play on the ground if you want and the audience can still see you!