and so it begins

The Roving Imp Theater is hosting its first ever ImpFest and I am so happy it's here. John gets to showcase not only his theater, but also two and half years of shows, classes, blood, sweat, and tears.

I have always been jealous of him ever since he told me he was opening an improv theater. In a way, he is living many improvisers dreams...but John has something different. He isn't doing this for himself...he is doing it for improv. Sure he is a business man and wants to make money, but at the end of the day, he loves the art form.

Tonight, Impfest kicks off with what is sure to be excitement and nerves from John. But he shouldn't be nervous at all, because he has the backing from many improvisers in town, and if he did a trust fall...everyone would be there to catch him.


IA had auditions

We had two people audition for IA last Tuesday and I voted yes for both of them. They are two strong players with serious potential to help IA as they also get help from IA. As I am about to take at least a two month break from IA, I strongly recommended picking them both up to start training them for shows next year. If I start back up in January, it will be great to play with them after they have been rehearsing for two months. I think they will both bring some much needed energy and focus to a group who has had a rough few months.

In other news Impfest 09 is coming up and I am so excited for John's theater to get some much deserved attention and audience this weekend. I will be doing my last IA shows for the year there which will be bittersweet. However, I will also be doing Dictionary Soup in front of some peers and that is very exciting. I can't wait to hear what people think of it.


I teach workshops on how to enter the ring in a cool way...don't be this guy, see you Sunday at 8am in my backyard.


improv weekend recap

Friday was a blur. Woke up at 4:20, showered, met Dennis and Nikki and started driving to Burlington Iowa. Picked up Megan and another Dennis on the way and continued our trip. Arrived in Burlington, ate a sandwich, and did 45 minutes of improv. Got into comfy clothes, got back in van, and headed home. Got back in town around 7pm and relaxed in the house for about 45 minutes. (Highlight of the trip, too many to mention, but one worth mentioning...Dennis D got a shirt that says "Dippin It Down In B-Town")

Drove to Roving Imp to do a Dictionary Soup show with John. Fun show, felt like a warm up for the ImpFest show coming up in 2 weeks. Drove home and went directly to bed with my wife.

Saturday, picked up Bender at 7ish and drove to Patrick's to rehearse our Thunderdome format. Rehearsed for 10 minutes and headed to the coffeehouse when Pearl showed up. Performed 1st had a blast and then got to watch the other two teams kick some serious improv booty. Fun night, great audience, and the audience had a blast in my opinion. Drove home after show and went directly to bed with my wife...What a weekend.


The Last Hoo-Rah

This Friday I will be going to Burlington, Iowa with Dennis and his crew to perform some short form. I love improv road trips...there are always stories...some that can't be shared.

Then Saturday is Improv Thunderdome, and this year was one of my favorites so far. The draft made for some amazing teams and some amazing improv here in the city. The championship round will definitely be exciting to see and play in...seriously...can't wait.