TJ and Dave

Watched the TJ and Dave Documentary last weekend at The Roving Imp and was blown away by their attention to detail. They perform every Wednesday in Chicago and they go to New York to perform for 3 days straight once a month. They have been together for 5 years.

Tonight John and I do Dictionary Soup. This is maybe our 15-20th total show...we perform once a month...so if I calculate this right, we will be as good as TJ and Dave by 2040...should be pretty funny...we'll both be in our 60's.

In all seriousness, after watching that documentary, I felt proud of Dictionary Soup. We are not far from their level of brilliance. John and I based our show around TJ and Dave and I'm pretty sure that we have succeeded in recreating a solid 2 person long form improv show here in Kansas City.

Should be a great show tonight since we are both striving to be better at what we do!


Dictionary Soup Show

Had a great return show with John Friday night. I can't think of anyone else who I would rather have played with on my first night back in almost a month and a half. He was as energetic and excited as I was and I think the first half showed that. We played fast and fun the entire first half. The second half was much more patient and slow. I was worried I was going to miss a step, but John was right there to help me through the quiet slow moments.

In January I have to decide if I am ready to go back to rehearsing every Tuesday night with IA, and how many shows I want to dedicate too. I am already doing Dictionary Soup once a month and it looks like I will have a Thunderdome show in March as well.

The Trip Fives have asked me to play in their January show because Ed will be out of town...how could I say no to that. That will be a great chance to play with some great people.

I think I will at least try to get back to rehearsing with IA every Tuesday, and hope that my improv schedule is not taking away time from the family.


I Changed My Mind

I want to change my death from laughter to death by shark with human teeth.


The itch is coming back

December 1st...starting to miss improv...a little bit. Maybe a show with John at Roving Imp will help with that...After that show I am going to have to figure out how to schedule 2010 improv around my new family. I guess it will just have to be patient with me.


We were on a break!

My wife and I had a baby girl November 16th...Improv will just have to wait for awhile...