I always thought the way my parents taught my sister and I about sex was normal.


Things have been crazy


It is hard to blog for the moment. There is so much going on with work school and of course, improv.

The show with the Trip Fives was great. It is always fun to perform on stage with a group you look up to.

Babelfish is rehearsing again for the TD championship coming up and we are just happy to even be a part of it.

Tuesday night was the draft for TD season 4. I have to say, it was a successful party, and every team is a very good team. I can't say that anyone of them are clear favorites to win. In fact, the competition should be great for each show.


Dictionary Soup on Friday...haven't seen John in awhile, very excited to play with him this weekend.



This Saturday's upcoming show features Improv-Abilities and The Trip Fives performing separate and together. Wrap your mind around that one. Seriously...

Needless to say, I am incredibly excited for this show. It will actually be for fun, not for money, not for a certain format, but for fun. As an improviser, I think these are my favorite shows.


Phil Hartman's SNL Audition Tape

Effing Brilliant!

Catching Up

Been super busy. Funerals, School, Work, not a lot of time to write this here blog.

Just want to say that come May, things will get back to normal. Thanks for the patience.

In the meantime, the show went well, we had a good turnout, and we had a poop ton of fun.

Rehearsal this past Tuesday was good, IA is very excited to be playing with The Trip Fives.