A Fantastic Weekend Of Improv

Friday - I was on the radio station that I work for and the afternoon DJ asked me about the show. We then proceeded to promote the show in an interesting way. Needless to say, it worked, and some people showed up because of it. Overall, the IA show at Lucky's was a lot of fun, and I loved hosting with John. Even though it was his last show, I know that he will still be involved in the KC improv community somehow.

Saturday - Dictionary Soup with John. Not much of a crowd, but it didn't matter. I think we challenged ourselves to do some dramatic stuff instead of going for the funny. I had to come home and talk about happy things with my wife, because the show was very emotional, but still a great and fun show.

Tuesday's rehearsal challenge - Slow down and enjoy the character


This guy has the audacity to grab her ass...what a jerk.


Things are getting a little hairy

So Babelfish won Thunderdome Saturday. It was great. I have to say, Stitch Tactics had me worried. They put on a great short form improv show. Really, if I was in the audience, it would've been a coin flip to me.

Needless to say, with the win, my improv schedule is getting hectic. Bare Tv is coming up, Dictionary Soup every month, Improv-Abilities every month, and now Babelfish in Thunderdome. On top of that, you have to rehearse for these shows.

I remember when I used to post about being in to many groups back in the winter of 2007. It's starting to happen again. I can only do so much and still have a life. I am going to have to do some serious changing and scheduling to keep this all going on.

Also, Improv-Abilities just found out that they were accepted into the Twin Cities Improv Festival. Looks like, school, work, and my wife will just have to wait their turn for my attention.


It's been a good improv week

Don't get me wrong, hearing that IA didn't make it into the Chicago Improv Festival was a downer, but not really.

Babelfish got in and I couldn't be more happy for them. They deserve it.

Monday brought a great Babelfish rehearsal due to the fact that we came off of a very fun performance up in Liberty.

Tuesday brought the best Harold IA has ever done due in fact to John, Nathan, and Joe being high from the news of Babelfish.

Then yesterday, John and I got together to watch our last Dictionary Soup show. We had one note from one scene in the entire thing. We were so pleased with that show, that now we are worried that we can never duplicate that kind of smart and fun improv. Only time will tell.

As for this weekend. Thunderdome is sold out. I am not one for competition, but being involved in this for all of the seasons, and never getting past the first round, I find myself hungry for a win. If we don't, it's not a big deal, but it sure would feel nice.


Sad Tuesday

We lost Caroline and John from IA Tuesday Night.

Sad night for sure. I will miss them both dearly.


Roving Imp

One of the most fun shows I have ever been a part of.

John is an amazing improviser and I love his theater more and more every time I go there.

I will never look at panhandlers the same.

Thanks Roving Imp!