Dictionary Soup Show

Had a great return show with John Friday night. I can't think of anyone else who I would rather have played with on my first night back in almost a month and a half. He was as energetic and excited as I was and I think the first half showed that. We played fast and fun the entire first half. The second half was much more patient and slow. I was worried I was going to miss a step, but John was right there to help me through the quiet slow moments.

In January I have to decide if I am ready to go back to rehearsing every Tuesday night with IA, and how many shows I want to dedicate too. I am already doing Dictionary Soup once a month and it looks like I will have a Thunderdome show in March as well.

The Trip Fives have asked me to play in their January show because Ed will be out of town...how could I say no to that. That will be a great chance to play with some great people.

I think I will at least try to get back to rehearsing with IA every Tuesday, and hope that my improv schedule is not taking away time from the family.

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