TJ and Dave

Watched the TJ and Dave Documentary last weekend at The Roving Imp and was blown away by their attention to detail. They perform every Wednesday in Chicago and they go to New York to perform for 3 days straight once a month. They have been together for 5 years.

Tonight John and I do Dictionary Soup. This is maybe our 15-20th total show...we perform once a month...so if I calculate this right, we will be as good as TJ and Dave by 2040...should be pretty funny...we'll both be in our 60's.

In all seriousness, after watching that documentary, I felt proud of Dictionary Soup. We are not far from their level of brilliance. John and I based our show around TJ and Dave and I'm pretty sure that we have succeeded in recreating a solid 2 person long form improv show here in Kansas City.

Should be a great show tonight since we are both striving to be better at what we do!


David said...

It was a good show!

By the way, I'd pay to come see you 2 do Dictionary Soup when you're in your 60's. Granted, I'll be in my mid 50's by then, but has that stopped me yet. Of course not...mainly because I'm not there yet.

Chris Hurt said...

Konata says, “Good Job!